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Tokhtamysh–Timur war

The Tokhtamysh–Timur war was fought in the 1380s and early 1390s between Tokhtamysh, khan of the Golden Horde and the Mongol warlord and conqueror Timur, in the areas of the Caucasus mountains, Turkistan and Eastern Europe.

Timur, conqueror of much of western and central Asia and founder of the Timurid Empire in Central Asia.

Tokhtamysh, a member of the Chingisid dynasty and a descendant of Juchi. Throughout the 1380s, friction between Tokhtamysh and Timur mounted as both sought dominance over Khwarezm and Azerbaijan.

During 1385 and the next two years, Timur legions marched through Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and northern Mesopotamia, expelling Tokhtamysh’s garrisons, massacring tens of thousands of the inhabitants and laying waste untold numbers of towns and cities.

In 1391, Timur defeated Tokhtamysh in a major battle east of the Volga River.

In 1395, Timur himself moved westward to try to destroy Tokhtamysh, who had concluded alliances with Moscow, Poland, and Lithuania to consolidate his position.

Timur pursued a policy of laying waste the lands of opponents.

Timur defeated Tokhtamysh again at a battle on the Terek River, north of the Caucasus. Timur chased Tokhtamysh toward Bulgar-on-the Volga.

He finally destroyed the power of Tokhtamysh and thus made himself master of the entire area up to the Mediterranean coasts and the frontiers of Asia Minor.
Tokhtamysh–Timur war

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