Saturday, June 25, 2011

Indo Pakistan War 1965

Indo-Pakistan War in 1947 saw that Pakistan initially occupies one-third of Kashmir and India eventually occupies three-fifths.

In 1965, Pakistan troops attempt to steep into Indian controlled Kashmir. In this war India clashes with Pakistan on all fronts.

At 3.30 hours, on 1 September 1965, the entire Chhamb area came under massive artillery bombardment. Pakistan had launched operation Grand Slam.

The Pakistan army had been trained poised itself to go on an offensive in Kashmir. It appeared that Pakistan’s aimed was to keep the war confined to Jammu and Kashmir.

India however resisted the temptation of deploying her strike forces or other reserves from Punjab into this area. A few battles were fought here in which Pakistani tanks were used. A ceasefire was arranged in May 1965.
Indo Pakistan War 1965

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