Monday, May 29, 2017

Battle of Tanagra in 426 BC

The Battle of Tanagra in 426 BC was a minor Athenian victory won close to the city of Tanagra.

Tanagra is located north of Athens in Boeotia, not far from Thebes. In the battle Thebes took lead in resistance, helping Tanagra and holding the place of honor on right wing at Delion.

In this war, Athenians commander Nicias landed in Boeotia with 2000 hoplites and advanced on Tanagra to support the field army under Hipponicus and Eurymedon marching north from Athens.
 The main Boeotian army escaped the trap. But at Tanagra the Athenians defeated the Tanagrans (along with some Thebans) then returned to Athens.
Battle of Tanagra in 426 BC
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