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Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592

In 1592, Toyotomi Hideyoshi had decided to conquer Korea on the road to conquering China. The invasion of Korea took place in May 1592 and involved an uninterrupted crossing of the sea via the islands of Iki and Tsushima.

The initial Japanese force under Konishi Yukinaga and So Yoshitoshi landed at Pusan in some 700 ships on May 23, 1592. The first shots of the campaign were fired against the fortress guarding the harbor of Pusan.

There were supposedly 2, Korean troops stationed at Pusan. Chong Pal, the Korean commander, came under forth to fight, but fearing his forces would be cut off, he effected a retreat to the city. Pusan fall under Japanese by 24 May 1592.
In June 10, 1592 Japanese army reaches at Seoul and every Korean army sent to stop them was soundly defeated. Japanese later capture Pyongyang on 24th July.

However, intervention by Chinese military forces, Seoul was liberated on 19 May 1593. By autumn of 1593 their invading armies had evacuated Korea, leaving behind a handful of garrisons to ‘occupy’ their remaining toehold on Korea’s south post.

In 1597 Japanese sent in forces in strength again to Korea. It was only in 1598, after a long series of negotiation that Japanese withdrew from the Peninsula.
Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592

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