Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Battle of Mantinea in 207 BC

Philopoemen, commander of Achaean League formed up the Acheans behind a trench with both flanks resting on hills. Nevertheless, the Spartans under the tyrant Machanidas moved in against them.

Sparta and the Achaean League came to grips at full strength each side sending out a full citizen levy as well as a big force of mercenaries.

A new instrument of war is said to have been employed here for the first time in a field: Machanidas had a number of catapults moved up in front of his phalanx, in order to fire on the enemy phalanx. To forestall this, Philopoemen started the battle by having the light cavalry or Tarentines, who were stationed in his left flank and other light armed mercenaries move forward.

In this battle, the Achaeans, allies of Macedonia, were victorious. The Battle of Mantinea this year was the most significant battle of the Frost Macedonia War, although it involved none of the main participants in that war.
Battle of Mantinea in 207 BC

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