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The siege of Bexar (October 12, 1835 – December 11, 1835)

After the Battle of Gonzales, where the Texas force drove off Mexican troops at Gonzales on October 2, volunteers head up to San Antonio to kick the Mexican army out. The Texan army grew to 300 men and they elect Stephen F. Austin as their general.

Mexican General Martin Perfecto de Cos leads the Mexicans at San Antonio. He chosen to take a defensive stand in Main Plaza, Plaza de Armas (Military Plaza), and the Alamo.

Texan leader Ben Milam decided to attack the Mexican troops. On December 5, Milam and Texan Johnson lead an attack on Mexican troops at Main Plaza.

On Dec. 10, 1835 General Cos and about 1,200 troops surrendered the Alamo to a volunteer Texan Army of fewer than 400 after a fierce battle for the city.

After the Siege of Bexar, General Cos agrees to leave Texas with all the Mexican army. They also Agrees to never fight in Texas again.

In February of 1836, Santa Anna and the Mexican Army arrived in San Antonio and went on to defeat the Texan troops at the Alamo weeks later in early March. Texas finally won its independence from Mexico when Texan forces defeated Santa Anna’s army at the Battle of San Jacinto in April of 1836.
The siege of Bexar (October 12, 1835 – December 11, 1835)

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