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Battle of Khunzakh

Imam Shamil’ was a Dagestani Avar from the Gimra dzhamaat. Shamil’ was the third leader of the movement (imam) after the Avars Gazimagomed and Gazatbek

In 1828, a religious and political leader, Kazi-mullah, gained a following in the mountains and appealed for a holy war against the Russians. Kazi Mulla was a staunch ally of Imam Shamil.

The Battle was Kazi Mullah’s (Qazi Muhammad, Imam of Digestan) failed attempt to capture the Avar Khanate based at Khunzakh during the Caucasian War. The battle happened in 1830.

The Russian were able to mount an attack on Kazi forces on the night of June 2, 1830 and battel followed. In this battel led Kazi-Mulah to seize Aghazh Qala.

In 1831, Kazi-Mullah attacked Northern Dagestan, and met with success there. His guerilla tactics caught the Russians unprepared. By 1832 he was able to menace Vladikavkaz, however, the Russians repulsed the Mullah's assault.

Kazi-Mullah was found dead in 1832 in Gimry, Digestan.
Battle of Khunzakh

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