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Battle of Magnesia

The Battle of Magnesia, took place sometime at the end of 190 BC or at the beginning of 189 BC, at the confluence of the Phrygian and Hermus rivers on the Hyrcanian plain about 15km east of Magnesia and Lydia and 50 km east-northeast of Aegean city of Smyrna in Asia Minor.

The opposing forces were the army of Antiochus, and Roman army under the Scipios Africanus, Lucius Cornelius and Publius Cornelius.

The Romans were assisted in this battle by Eumenes (who founded the city of Eumenia in Phrygia), the brother of King Attalus.

Born in 241 BC, Antiochus III, surnamed ‘the Great,’ was only a boy when ascended the Seleucid throne in 233 and appears to have experienced some difficulties in maintaining himself in power.

Fifty thousand cavalry of Antiochus were slain in this battle. The Seleucids had continued to employ elephants in battle since acquiring them from the Mauryans, but at the climax of the battle the beasts were stampeded by Roman cavalry and trampled their own troops.

Roman infantry rushed into the gaps, routing the Seleucid army with considering slaughter,

After his defeat at Magnesia, Antiochus made peace with the Romans and withdrew from most of Anatolia, leaving it to the Romans and their allies.

Antiochus was to leaves from Europe and Asia and stay near Mt, Taurus. All the cities of Asia that Antiochus had lost in the war were given to King Eumenes.
Battle of Magnesia

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