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Battle of Neva (Russia and Swedes) in 1240

Novgorod and Sweden were competitors both for dominance over Finnic tribes north of the Novgorod lands and for control over access to the Gulf of Finland.

The Swedish invasion occurred at a time when the Mongols had just completed their conquest of Vladimir-Suzdal’ and much of the northeastern Rus’ and were preparing their attack on Kiev.

According to the Russian, an army of Swedes, Norwegians and Finns and Tavastians descended on the Neva with the intention of conquering Novgorod Republic. Novgorod Republic was a large medieval Russian state

The Swedes were led by Birgir Magnusson, son-in-law to the King of Sweden and were augmented by Norwegian and Finnish troops.

Prince Alexander Yaroslavich of Novgorod defeated it with a small force of Novgorodians and some men from Ladoga.

Alexander pursued a policy of compromise with Russians Mongol rulers following the conquest of 1237-40. This enabled him to beat off attacks by Sweden.

They defeated the Swedes in July 15, 1240 in a bloody battle on the banks of Neva.

Corpses of high ranking Swedes were sunk in three boats and others were buried in pits.

Twenty Novgorodians were killed and an unspecified number of Ladoga townsfolk.
Battle of Neva (Russia and Swedes) in 1240 

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